[asterisk-dev] function ARRAY slows asterisk down

Theo Belder tbelder at gmail.com
Thu Nov 20 08:51:27 CST 2008

Since Asterisk 1.4.19 the function ARRAY slows asterisk down.

Setting multiple times the following array in your dialplan
(Set(ARRAY(PARAM1,PARAM2,PARAM3,PARAM4)=value1\,value2\,value3,value4), you
can see that asterisk slows down.
In my dialplan I use multiple times the ARRAY function (ODBC functions, etc)
so I haven't upgraded asterisk to a higher version than 1.4.19

I discovered today when reverting revision 105563, the problem is gone. The
function ARRAY runs at 'normal' speed.

Please could somebody tell me why the autoservice is used for the function
and why the autoservice slows down asterisk.
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