[asterisk-dev] VoIP PBX call problems

Youliy Ninov yni at ucpbx.com
Thu Nov 20 04:06:18 CST 2008

Hi All!
Our company has the following problem and we would like to ask you for some help.
We developed a GSM PCB add on module for our existing IPPBX (see www.ucpbx.com).
At present it is detected as an FXO module and runs in FXO context (communicates with Zaptel).
This is not the right solution but the best that I can do for the time being.
There are two problems that I encountered and can not solve:
1. When I call some GSM number from our IP PBX by using a FXS module and when the GSM which 
is called hangs up before the connection is established  (BUSY) I get a blank signal on the line which last 
indefinitely or until I hang up the receiver.
2. When I call the FXS module on our IP PBX  from a GSM, the phone attached to the FXS module rings.
If, however, I close the connection on the GSM side before I have picked up the receiver (FXS) and answer the call later
(pick up the receiver)  the line is again blank.

In both cases I pass the proper ON_HOOK signals to Zaptel when the on-hook event occurs. Unfortunately they get 
disregarded. Is this some problem with the FXO state-machine?

Youliy Ninov
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