[asterisk-dev] tilghman: branch 1.4 r156755 -/branches/1.4/apps/app_while.c

Russell Bryant russell at digium.com
Mon Nov 17 07:34:08 CST 2008

Alec Davis wrote:
> I hope this isn't going to break the ability play audio before answering the
> call, when using ISDN.
> The option 'n' from app_read is specifically for this:
> 	'n' to read digits even if the line is not up.
> A simplified app that works in 1.6.0rc6 quite nicely, the call is only
> 'answered' when the called party answers the phone.
> exten => 1234,1,Progress()
> exten => 1234,n,Read(extension,vm-enter-num-to-call,4,n)
> exten => 1234,n,SayDigits(${extension})
> exten => 1234,n,Goto(${extension},1)

This is fine.  I probably should have phrased things a bit differently. 
  The channel API calls only return immediately when the channel has 
been hung up, not before it has been answered.

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