[asterisk-dev] Reverse Inheritance

Michiel van Baak michiel at vanbaak.info
Tue Nov 11 04:28:07 CST 2008

On 21:07, Mon 10 Nov 08, Trevor Peirce wrote:
> John Todd wrote:
> > These symbols seem fine, but in the long view it is perhaps the case
> > that the "_" character was incorrect as the leading indicator for  
> > forward inheritance.  It seems, logically, that "+" and "++" should  
> > represent forward and infinite forward inheritance, and "-" and "--"  
> > should indicate reverse and infinite reverse inheritance.   We may be  
> > too far out of the gate for this type of serious change (or shift) to  
> > be practical, and there may be other syntactical/parsing reasons why  
> > what I think is reasonable is not a practical nomenclature.
> >   
> I would strongly advise against this as it starts to resemble math too 
> much and could misleading. As an alternative I suggest appending _ to 
> the variable name in contrast to prepending.
> Forward inheritance: _variable or __variable
> Reverse inheritance: variable_ or variable__
> A memory technique that can be associated with this is if the variable 
> name is after the _ mark, it will go to channels created after. If the 
> variable name is before the _ mark, it will go to the channels created 
> before.

Good one. I really like this over the +


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