[asterisk-dev] That's it... I'm desperate and looking for help with bug id 11797

Kristian Kielhofner kkielhofner at star2star.com
Tue Nov 11 01:04:46 CST 2008

Hello everyone,

  I'm looking for help with this issue:


  We've been testing a version of this with Asterisk 1.4 and we've
identified multiple issues.  I need this solved.  I'd also like to get
it included in trunk/1.6.  I'm looking for someone to:

- Solve a few remaining issues.
- Update the code (formatting, etc) for inclusion into Asterisk trunk/1.6.
- Possibly add support for additional features in the future (Unicast
SIP/multicast RTP, etc).

  I'm certainly willing to pay so this post may very well belong on
the -biz list, however, I thought I'd run it by -dev first to get some
input.  For instance, what needs to be done to get it included in
trunk/1.6?  It will probably be easier to hire someone if I have a
general idea of what needs to be done.

  Please help! :)


Kristian Kielhofner

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