[asterisk-dev] CLI manager logout

Clod Patry cpatry at gmail.com
Mon Nov 10 16:08:42 CST 2008

hi guys,

I faced the problem where a customer called me and reported some
"weird" connection that he was not sure.
deer*CLI> manager show connected
  Username         IP Address

Right now, there's no way to logout a connected manager user.

So I realized there was no quick way for a CLI user to logout
connected session. The only way that is possible is via a restart now.

What I've in mind is something like a CLI command: manager logout <session_id>.

But, since sessions doesnt have an id, this makes the logout
"impossible", since N username could connect from M IP addresses.
In case 1 username are connected from 3 differents IP, which one will
we logout? We can't.

What do you think about having something like an id in the struct
mansession, so we could identify the session.
That will leads to a possible manager logout <session_id>, which will
be much more simpler for the CLI users.

Feedback? comments?

Clod Patry

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