[asterisk-dev] Realtime update CLI command (was Re: [asterisk-addons-commits] tilghman: trunk r688 - in /trunk: ./ channels/ configs/ res/)

Atis Lezdins atis at iq-labs.net
Mon Nov 10 12:58:32 CST 2008

> 4) No CLI commands for store/destroy (more a  pbx_realtime problem)
> 5) CLI command "realtime update" has mixed up parameter order in
> documentation (also pbx_realtime)
> Usage: realtime update <family> <colupdate> <newvalue> <colmatch> <valuematch>
>       Update a single variable using the RealTime driver.
>       You must supply a family name, a column to update on, a new
> value, column to match, and value to match.
>       Ex: realtime update sipfriends name bobsphone port 4343
>       will execute SQL as UPDATE sipfriends SET port = 4343 WHERE
> name = bobsphone

Ok, i see that trunk has new CLI commands for "store", "destroy" and "update2".

However there's inconsistency with "update", currently in 1.6.0 it
works in form:

 realtime update <family> <colmatch> <valuematch> <colupdate> <newvalue>

it would be trivial to fix one line in documentation, however then it
woudn't be compatible with trunk's "update2", which has arguments in

realtime update2 <family> <colupdate> <newvalue> <colmatch>
<valuematch> [... <colmatch5> <valuematch5>]

Also changing behavior in 1.6.0 to match current documentation might
not be a good idea.

Any solutions or comments?


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