[asterisk-dev] zaptel timer for sip to iax proxy

Mark Spowage spowage at gmail.com
Sun Nov 9 22:56:56 CST 2008

if just ONE sip phone is proxied , will IAX get choppy without a zaptel timer ?

tests here at times are ok and other times often choppy

a zaptel timer seems to be required for trunking, but why bother for
just a few channels, a major effort
to get zaptel and a timer integrated,as well as more memory for an
embedded machine short on memory.

now if trunking is not used, then why would iax be choppy for serving
as a sip proxy or bridge between sip phones ?

a zaptel timer is on the main iax server side, but NOT on the embedded side

gtalk never sounds choppy , so what is iax all chopped out about ?

ast 1.6 & 1.4 both sound ok at times and choppy at times as well

currently 1.6 is on the embedded side and 1.4 on the server.. perhaps
they both need to be the same version

is this some kind of iax circus ? :)  help ! sinking in the iax choppy sea

playing musiconhold from either side can come in chopped as well,
where as gtalk is always smooth..
grief !


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