[asterisk-dev] Translation XML docs to other languages

Igor Goncharovsky igor.goncharovsky at gmail.com
Thu Nov 6 23:14:17 CST 2008

Hi, All!

Sorry for previous incomplete mail, it is all because cold. Now, when XML
doc committed to trunk we may think here, in Russia, how to translate this
documentation into language of Pushkin and Tolstoy. Is there known best
practice of make translation in other open source projects?

A this moment we have such idea:
1) Every day make SVN update of asterisk branches, then 'make documentation'
and update XML docs in our SVN
2) If any documentation file changes or created - create new ticket in Trac
3) While patch with documentation update enough big, post it on Mantis to
include in main SVN

Best regards,
Igor Goncharovsky
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