[asterisk-dev] bugs.digium.com Maintenance and Downtime

Kevin P. Fleming kpfleming at digium.com
Wed Nov 5 10:49:27 CST 2008

At 4PM CST (GMT -6) today, we will be moving the bugs.digium.com issue
tracker to a new hosting server. For approximately one hour, the site
will be unavailable, but once it returns everything should be back to
normal; there will be no changes in user accounts or any other data on
the site.

After the site has been moved, we will be using an HTTP proxy on the old
server to redirect traffic to the new server transparently, until the
DNS change to the new server has had time to propagate around the
Internet. If you experience any difficulties accessing the site after
5PM CST today, you can try using the http://insects.digium.com URL,
which will go directly to the new server and bypass the proxy. However,
this URL will only be alive for a week or two, until the DNS transition
is complete, so don't bookmark it or store it anywhere else :-)

Kevin P. Fleming
Director of Software Technologies
Digium, Inc. - "The Genuine Asterisk Experience" (TM)

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