[asterisk-dev] temporary file names for monitor files

Sherwood McGowan sherwood.mcgowan at gmail.com
Thu May 29 18:35:03 CDT 2008

John Lange wrote:
> Does it make sense to write a patch for Asterisk so that while a
> recording is in progress, the file has a '.part' extension on the file
> name to differentiate it from files in which recording has finished.
> The idea here is that if you want to move your recordings off to another
> place once you have finished you can write a simple "cron" to do it
> without having to worry if the recording has completed or not.
> I realize this could be done through dialplan logic but seems to me that
> this is a more logical way to tackle this problem.
> Thoughts?
I personally love this idea, one of my current clients re-encodes their 
recording files (from a callcenter) after a call completes, and 
currently we just have a script running in the background that only 
encodes files that have a modified time of 4+ minutes prior to NOW. The 
*.part idea is GREAT!

Sherwood McGowan

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