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Tzafrir Cohen tzafrir.cohen at xorcom.com
Fri May 23 08:47:39 CDT 2008

On Fri, May 23, 2008 at 07:36:18AM -0500, Kevin P. Fleming wrote:
> Tzafrir Cohen wrote:
> > while we're at it: /etc/dahdi/dahdi.conf instead of a plain
> > /etc/dahdi.conf .There are already a number of configuration files, and
> > thus it makes sense to put them in a commen directory.
> There is only one configuration file for Zaptel/DAHDI, the one used by
> ztcfg (soon to be dahdi_cfg or dahdi_config, haven't decided yet <G>).
> What other files are you referring to?

There is already /etc/fxotune.conf . Though I figure there's no
trademark-related reason to move it (and thus break existing

I also proposed a while ago to separate out the generation of dynamic
channels to a separate config file (issues by a separate run of ztcfg).
This should make it much simpler to run ztcfg twice.

Our drivers have userspace initialization scripts that currently read
some configuration options from either /etc/sysconfig/zaptel or
/etc/default/zaptel . But that is suboptimal. A single system-wide init
file would be preffered.

Likewise genzaptelconf and zapconf read optional settings from
/etc/default/zaptel or /etc/sysconfig/zaptel .

> If we are going to put the file into /etc/dahdi, then there is no reason
> to call it 'dahdi.conf', since that is redundant, it should be something
> more generic like 'channel.conf' or 'system.conf'.

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