[asterisk-dev] Issue 10417 - T.38 with devices behind NAT does not work in all circumstances

Johansson Olle E oej at edvina.net
Thu May 22 06:06:44 CDT 2008

21 maj 2008 kl. 20.49 skrev Joshua Colp:

> Greetings All,
> The current patch on this issue sets the UDPTL remote IP address to  
> either the received RTP IP address (if there is one) or the source  
> IP address of SIP signalling when nat is set to yes. It does this so  
> that outgoing UDPTL packets will reach the remote side if the  
> correct ports are forwarded. This is done as some T38 capable  
> devices do not send UDPTL (so we can't learn the source IP address/ 
> port) until they receive it.
> My question to the list is what are your thoughts on this? Is this  
> something we should do? Make it an option?

My question is why you involve the source address of SIP? Let's follow  
the same rules as we do for RTP.


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