[asterisk-dev] UWB Codec / Command-line softphone help

Koch Máté koch.mate at gmail.com
Wed May 14 03:15:01 CDT 2008

2008/5/8 Russell Bryant <russell at digium.com>:
> (By the way, this conversation should be on the -users list, but I will comment
> anyway.  :) )

Yeah, I know, but I've got some bad experience with -user lists, there
are always
a lot of questions, but only a few answers. :)

> Tim Panton wrote:
> > I think that if you use meetme, you will automatically drop to 8khz
> > sampling because that is what zaptel uses to do the mixing.
> >
> > If you want wideband, you will probably need to make one-to-one calls.
> That is correct.
> However, if you install Josh's bridging branch (asterisk/team/file/bridging),
> and use the ConfBridge application, you can get wideband conferencing.
> However, you still need a softphone that supports a wideband codec.  If you are
> actually preferring a command line softphone, then my preference is actually to
> just use Asterisk.  It can act as a pretty powerful and highly configurable
> softphone.  :)
> If you use Asterisk as the softphone, then use chan_console.  It is set up to
> operate in 16 kHz natively.  Also, use G.722 as the codec between the servers.
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thank you very much for help. Is there any tutorial about how to
configure this,
what to install and so?
If none, could you please write me a small todo list?

Thanks again, best regards:
Mate Koch

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