[asterisk-dev] UWB Codec / Command-line softphone help

Russell Bryant russell at digium.com
Wed May 7 21:46:24 CDT 2008

(By the way, this conversation should be on the -users list, but I will comment 
anyway.  :) )

Tim Panton wrote:
> I think that if you use meetme, you will automatically drop to 8khz  
> sampling because that is what zaptel uses to do the mixing.
> If you want wideband, you will probably need to make one-to-one calls.

That is correct.

However, if you install Josh's bridging branch (asterisk/team/file/bridging), 
and use the ConfBridge application, you can get wideband conferencing.

However, you still need a softphone that supports a wideband codec.  If you are 
actually preferring a command line softphone, then my preference is actually to 
just use Asterisk.  It can act as a pretty powerful and highly configurable 
softphone.  :)

If you use Asterisk as the softphone, then use chan_console.  It is set up to 
operate in 16 kHz natively.  Also, use G.722 as the codec between the servers.

Russell Bryant
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