[asterisk-dev] AMR

Jared Smith jsmith at digium.com
Tue May 13 06:25:34 CDT 2008

On Tue, 2008-05-13 at 12:28 +0200, 0617260639 at alu.uma.es wrote:
> I want AMR codecs in a call between 2 phones in the same subnet, is that
> posible with Asterisk? 

As far as I know, AMR codecs are still patent-encumbered, and so that
makes supporting them in Asterisk difficult.

> I got it with a different PBX but I havent got it
> with Asterisk yet and I dont know why. The RTP flow is between the
> terminal, so why would Asterisk mind about the codec used?

Asterisk cares, because Asterisk can do things like transcode between
codecs, record calls, play audio, and so on.  (See my response to your
other thread on RTP and INVITES, and you'll find that Asterisk is not a
SIP proxy.)

Jared Smith
Training Manager
Digium, Inc.

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