[asterisk-dev] bounty for

John Dupuy jdupuy-list at socket.net
Mon May 12 11:21:39 CDT 2008

This is already posted on voip-info.org at 


I am offereing a $100 USD bounty to add generic support for SUBSCRIBE 
Event Packages that would pass either the XML body or
the actual SIP packet to an external program. I would prefer the entire 
packet as the header often contains useful information.

Specifically, add an optional line in features.conf (or another file) 
that allows for the external reference in the form of:

 extern-event-handler = event-type,script

For example:

 extern-event-handler = conference,/var/lib/asterisk/eventcode/myhandler.pl

I am requesting both a public patch for Asterisk 1.4 as well as a 
submission to the 1.6 development tree.

Link to RFC covering SIP Event Nofication: 

Link to current Event Type Namespace: 
Please note: do not limit the event-types to this list, there are 
proprietary ones I want to support as well.

The resulting code would be donated to Asterisk under its license.

While $100 is not very much, please consider also the benefit to the 
community at large.

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