[asterisk-dev] Enhancing/Tweaking AMD

Chris asterisk at ontimetelecom.com
Sat May 10 09:25:13 CDT 2008

Out of curiosity, has anyone made enhancements or modifications to the 
AMD portion of their Asterisk setup?  We currently run a service that 
places calls for businesses and are running into issues where when their 
users answer the phone, they may have to wait 8, 10, 20 seconds before 
the message begins playing.  It obviously varies from phone to phone and 
we realize there's no way to get it 100% for everyone.  Perhaps the best 
way to handle it is to have a rapid detect version and a more accurate 
detect version and give each business the choice.  We were wondering 
what the best settings for such a setup would be.  Currently, we run AMD 
with the following: 3500|1500|300|5000|120|50|5|256 followed by a 
waitforsilence with the following: 2000|1.  We are open to any 
suggestions or advice on this one as we've tried tweaking the values and 
all that seems to accomplish is an improvement on one phone and a 
backstep on another.  Thanks!!

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