[asterisk-dev] CDRS and transfer

Paul Hewlett paul at gccs.co.za
Fri May 9 09:36:35 CDT 2008

I thought I might give some feedback on CDR's and transfers - I enabled 
some debug messages in res/res_features.c so that I could see what was 
being passed to the blind and attended transfer functions.

So I dialled my mobile number (082XXXXXXX) from my extension (2003) and 
did a blind transfer.  The chan and peer  names  displayed at the start  
of the builtin_blindxfer  were:

May  9 16:20:49 NOTICE[18643]: res_features.c:635 builtin_blindtransfer: 
Executing Blind Transfer Local/082XXXXXXX at int_calls_priv-423e,2, 
IAX2/gccscpt-16384 (sense=1) XXX

Now where is any reference to my extension ? The chan and peer names 
simply reflect the bridge from dialling a Local channel thru an IAX2 
trunk  I use for testing.

Is this a bug or have I misunderstood something?


Technical Director, GCCS
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web: http://www.gccs.co.za

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