[asterisk-dev] iax2_sched_replace: Unable to cancel schedule

Mark Michelson mmichelson at digium.com
Fri May 2 09:23:12 CDT 2008

Timo Teräs wrote:
> Kevin P. Fleming wrote:
>> Timo Teräs wrote:
>>> It might be related to the fact handling incoming media frames need to do
>>> way too many mutex locks in __find_callno() as I see lots of threads in that
>>> function. Why isn't there a iaxd[IAX_MAX_CALLS] indexing the calls by the
>>> other systems call number (those whould have to be lists as there might multiple
>>> remotes with same call number) or hashed by (address/port/remote callno).
>>> Look up like that would be way faster compared to the current implementation.
>> There is now :-) Please retry your tests with 1.4.20-rc1 or the latest
>> 1.4 branch from SVN and you'll probably find that this problem is gone
>> (and as a side effect, IAX2 media handling performance is vastly
>> improved as well).
> Ok, I updated 1.6 branch from SVN. Looks good, so far I haven't received any
> "Unable to cancel schedule" warnings.
> Thanks,
>   Timo

Just so it doesn't seem like any devs are being misleading, keep in mind that in 
a revision between your initial version and the one you upgrade to that message 
was changed from a warning message to a debug message, so if you're not printing 
debug messages, it's still possible that that portion of code is being reached 
but you're no longer seeing the old warning message.

Mark Michelson

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