[asterisk-dev] Strange Asterisk Behaviour - Stuck channels

Sergey Tamkovich serg at voipsolutions.ru
Thu Jul 31 04:50:33 CDT 2008

John Lange wrote:
> We do not use "trunk" but I have not seen this memory leak. Our system
> doesn't appear to be as loaded as yours but still does reasonable
> volumes.
> Is it possible that "stuck" channels are building up on your system
> which eventually exhausts all resources? Have you checked your "show
> channels verbose" from time to time to see if there are some really long
> calls?

Just my 2c:

SIP/c2-0844ecd0            did                                      1 
Up      Bridged Call SIP/s-08e1f590            088202594953    
242:42:1             SIP/s-08e1f590
SIP/s-08e1f590                 default-fax          88202594953        1 
Up      Dial         SIP/c2/88202594953 1234            
242:42:1             SIP/c2-0844ecd0
SIP/c2-082128e0            did                                      1 
Up      Bridged Call SIP/s-b69931b0            083842518337    
243:40:5             SIP/s-b69931b0
SIP/s-b69931b0                 default-fax          83842518337        1 
Up      Dial         SIP/c2/83842518337 1234            
243:40:5             SIP/c2-082128e0
SIP/c2-084c0160            did                                      1 
Up      Bridged Call SIP/s-0845b378            084152466471    
244:30:2             SIP/s-0845b378
SIP/s-0845b378                 default-fax          84152466471        1 
Up      Dial         SIP/c2/84152466471 1234            
244:30:2             SIP/c2-084c0160
SIP/c2-083a2280            did                                      1 
Up      Bridged Call SIP/s-08221748            083472734747    
244:37:1             SIP/s-08221748
SIP/s-08221748                 default-fax          83472734747        1 
Up      Dial         SIP/c2/83472734747 1234            
244:37:1             SIP/c2-083a2280

1234 is an asterisk (version unknown) - i don't see such things with 
other peers (asterisks + ATAs)
c2 - Cisco AS5350

This happens on pretty old system:

# asterisk -rx "core show version"
Asterisk SVN-trunk-r61324M built by root @ sip3 on a i686 running Linux 
on 2007-04-11 13:21:50 UTC

In my case, it happens mostly with peer 1234 which is asterisk. Probably 
they doesn't send BYE intentionally. However, the other leg of the call 
(from my Asterisk to Cisco) doesn't work properly either: cisco doesn't 
have this call.

> Alternatively it could be some external application on the system? An
> AGI or something that isn't part of a "stock" setup?
> Regards,

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