[asterisk-dev] Strange Asterisk Behaviour - Stuck channels

Pavel Jezek pavel.jezek at i.cz
Wed Jul 30 15:06:40 CDT 2008

setting 'rtptimeout' in sip.conf to close inactive calls doesn't have 
effect to your issue?

John Lange wrote:
> "current release versions" which more specifically means &
> but it has been occurring for a while so at least 1.4.19 is
> also effected but it could go even further back.
> Unfortunately when it first started happening I didn't recognize it as a
> bug with Asterisk.
> For the first many times this happened I wrongly assumed that the
> garbled audio was a problem with the phone, not with Asterisk.
> In hindsight I realize that normally one of the channels is just dead
> air which causes a choppy "roboto" sound on the other audio channel
> which sounds like a malfunctioning phone handset.
> It was only by fluke that yesterday the one of the two bridged audio
> channels happened to be music on hold which I could distinctively hear.
> So for the first time I realized that the problem was much different
> that I originally thought.
> I then did a packet capture (tcpdump) and was able to see RTP packets
> streaming to the phone even the phone was on-hook.
> Keeping the call open I then issued a "soft hangup" to the other channel
> and the audio cleared up and everything was back to normal.
> Previous to this event I had never connected the garbled audio problem
> with the stuck channels.

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