[asterisk-dev] Call Intrusion

Vadim Lebedev vadim at mbdsys.com
Mon Jul 28 07:54:36 CDT 2008


I'm planning to develop a call intrusion application for asterisk and 
i'd like to have
feedback on the viablity of my approach.

The call intrusion should work in the way similiar  to  ChanSpy with 
whisper but with a twist:

Suppose part A in B are in call  and C tries to dial  A.

The dialplan will detect that A  busy  will call  Intrude App

The intrude app will, use   something like ChannelRedirect  to redirect  
B to an extension which will
start play a music to it

Meanwhile C will talk to A and when the call is terminated A should be 
reconnected to B.

I plan to reuse the code from ExtenSpy and ChannelRedirect,  but i for 
the moment
don't understand how i'll be able to re-bridge  A's and B's channels at 
the end of the intrusion.

Can somebody point me to code in Asterisk codebase doing something similar?


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