[asterisk-dev] iax2-parser.c - Memory

Russell Bryant russell at digium.com
Fri Jul 25 07:06:55 CDT 2008

Eric Dantie wrote:
> I'm using asterisk- in production and more or less after a week
> of intensive use (more or less 200.000 calls) the system stop working
> because of lack of memory.
> After investigating the possibles causes, I found that the problem is in
> channel/iax_parser.c. If compiled with MALLOC_DEBUG, memory show summary
> is showing more and more memory used. The code looks good.
> Solution found:
> - Compiling with LOW_MEMORY so that unused blocks are really freed.
> Problem compiling with LOW_MEMORY: if asterisk is using dundi, then
> asterisk crash (http://bugs.digium.com/view.php?id=13154)
> Hope that help someone with same problems.

Some amount of memory consumption in that code is expected, as it tries 
to maintain a cache of unused frames for optimization purposes.  How 
much memory is it consuming when it becomes a problem for you?

Russell Bryant
Senior Software Engineer
Open Source Team Lead
Digium, Inc.

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