[asterisk-dev] "hangup" unanswered SIP-call

Fredrik Hansson fh at leissner.se
Fri Jul 18 08:58:20 CDT 2008



First i like to thank everyone of you for a good list with alot of
constructive information.


And now for my first question here.



I have a situation where I want to "progress" incoming calls with an
Inband Tone/Early Media stream and then hangup the call without
answering it. (eg, Free Calls).


As for now i have it like below but this will make Asterisk reply with
603 Declined.

And then "mapped" to  Cause 21 Call Rejected on PSTN side.



.x,2,Playback, File| noanswer



So my question is if someone knows another way around this?.

I would like to have the Asterisk to answer  either 404 or 604 in this


I have tried to use "Set,pri_cause=1" but I don't think this will work
since the call is never answered.

And answer it is not an options since I don't want to pay for it.






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