[asterisk-dev] Reverse Scenario

Ali Karimi karimi.a at gmail.com
Thu Jul 17 07:14:01 CDT 2008


I have a client that wants the following scenario using asterisk. I have
done a similar and smaller scenario with Cisco Call Manager, but being an
asterisk beginner, I don't think I can do it. So I needed some basic hints
about each part of the project. Maybe a line or a word saves me a lot of
time :)
I also wanted to know if anyone can do the whole thing as a project.

I have a *Caller Side *and a *Called Side*. I need two asterisk boxes set up
like this:

1- *Caller Side* sends a call to *Box 1*
2- *Box 1* puts the call on hold
3- *Box 1* sends a *call request *to *Box 2*
4- *Box 2* makes the requested call to *Called Side*
5- *Box 2* calls *Box 1
*6*- Box 2* connects the two calls: *to **Called Side *and *to Box 1* and
can either leave the call or stay in line
7- *Box 1* unholds the call from *Caller Side* and connects the two
calls: *from
Box 1* and *from Caller Side* while *Box 2* stays in line

Note: in step 3, there is a call request via email or sending a file or
whatever, there is no actual call or call setup message.

The main purpose:
1- Call is actually from *Caller Side* to *Called Side* but *Box 1 *sees the
call in opposite way.
2- *Box 1* would not know of the *Caller Side*, it only sees the *Box 2* as
the receiver of the call.

I know you cannot describe the whole scenario in an email, what I need is a
line or some words for each step :)  Or if anyone can do the whole scenario,
please send me an email for further discussions.


Ali Karimi
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