[asterisk-dev] Next 1.6 beta release?

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Wed Jul 16 16:28:12 CDT 2008

DAHDI has caused me lots of trouble... I thought the current version
was looking good but now it crashes my kernel (FXO single port clone card),
but zap works like a charm! ZAP vs DAHDI is not just a name change
like I thought it was...

Quoting Russell Bryant <russell at digium.com>:

> W. Michael Petullo wrote:
>> I was wondering if anyone had a timeframe for the next 1.6 beta release. I
>> have some bugs I'd like to test on beta instead of SVN code. Included
>> in my list is bug #12572.
>> I've noticed that after a rate of about one beta release per month,
>> things have slowed a bit. Could someone provide a quick timeline to
>> 1.6? Or are releases made simply "when ready?"
> I would like to get one out as soon as possible.  The single reason why
> there hasn't been one in a while is the transition from Zaptel to DAHDI.
>     The Asterisk changes are now complete.  However, Asterisk 1.6 only
> supports DAHDI, and DAHDI has not yet been released.
> So, as soon as DAHDI is released in tarball form, you will see the next
> tarball of Asterisk 1.6.0.
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