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I need to shorten the SIP callid, not the caller-id, on the sip packet to 14
chars long, instead of the 50 or so that it has now. I have interconnection
nightmares because some carriers reject my calls with "message too long".
The question is: Can I configure this value, the length, on some header or
some configuration file? What is the max length allowed in the RFC?

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Subject: [asterisk-dev] Next 1.6 beta release?

I was wondering if anyone had a timeframe for the next 1.6 beta release. I
have some bugs I'd like to test on beta instead of SVN code. Included
in my list is bug #12572.

I've noticed that after a rate of about one beta release per month,
things have slowed a bit. Could someone provide a quick timeline to
1.6? Or are releases made simply "when ready?"


Mike Petullo

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