[asterisk-dev] chan_zap/chan_dahdi hooktransfer channel name bug

Mark Michelson mmichelson at digium.com
Fri Jul 11 10:08:12 CDT 2008

Daniel Ferrer wrote:
> Hi all.
> First of all I'm new to the list, and sorry if this is the wrong place 
> for posting this.
> I've filled bug report #13027 at the bug tracker, I've done it on 
> Tuesday, but it's still in 'new' status, seems like nobody has looked at 
> it, I look at other bug requests and they have "comments" more quickly

Sorry about this. This unfortunately just happens sometimes. One possible cause 
in this particular case is that the bug in question was filed against chan_zap, 
for which there is a relatively small number of people who feel comfortable 
reviewing and accepting changes.

> :( (sniff). I've some questions about the procedure:
> - May I have to contact bug marshalls ? Who are this guys ?
> - Is my procedure correct? I've filled the bug, then signed up license 
> agreement, and after that uploaded the patches for issue. My files were 
> in state "License pending" until Wednesday since they are as "License OK".

This could also have contributed to the delay on this one. A bug marshal sees a 
bug report, sees that there's a patch but he can't look at it yet because the 
license is pending. He moves on to something else and then unfortunately forgets 
to come back and take another look when the license is approved.

> - May I've to post at the list when I fill a bug request? I think not, 
> but...

You're right. Please don't do this. Someone will get to your report soon.

> thanks for your explanations
> bye
> daniel
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