[asterisk-dev] A plan for span

Oron Peled oron.peled at xorcom.com
Tue Jul 8 14:49:59 CDT 2008

On Tuesday, 8 בJuly 2008, Steven S. Critchfield wrote:
> I'm probably going to stick my foot in my mouth over this one,
> but I wanted to point out a possible different solution. 
> ...
> Instead of thinking about udev and or hotplug scripts, what about
> adding a translation layer to asterisk and use sysfs.

You won't have to stick your foot anywhere, since sysfs representation
of spans is the first step for all the plans we talked about.

To make it clear. Without sysfs objects that represent spans
no udev events could be generated.

> I'm kind of thinking, if you could make a more predictable path into
> the Digium hardware, that this might be a easy way of aliasing your
> hardware and knowing where it will be all the time.

The sysfs hierarchy is totally interconnected (if the objects are
implemented correctly). This means you can get from the bus view
to the device view, to the module, than back to the bus and start
all over again (via symlinks). If you want an example, just follow
your /sys/class/net/.................. (all the symlinks in
all directions).

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