[asterisk-dev] XML documentation of apps/functions/the_rest_of_the_world

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Tue Jul 8 13:32:32 CDT 2008

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>On Tue, Jul 08, 2008 at 07:32:09PM +0200, Michiel van Baak wrote:
>> It's loaded at the same place where the *descrip for an application is
>> loaded right now.
>> This way we only have the documentation loaded for the applications and
>> function that are actually loaded into asterisk.
>> For example, I dont need the MeetMe documentation loaded when app_meetme
>> is not loaded (because of no dahdi for example)
>> Maybe because I'm not a native english speaker there is some confusion.
>> The whole documentation.xml is generated on build time.
>> The module that is loaded by the loader will grab it's documentation
>> from this file.
>A single documentation.xml? How can it be updated for external modules?
>And please let's not have a Mozilla-like app-registry.
>What about incremental updates for translations? I don't want the es and
>fr documentation, just as don't want their sound files. man pages for
>languages reside in subdirectories. As are the sound files on Asterisk.

You mean you are complaining about the size of the source? (all languages)
OR the size of the generated documentation.xml with all the languages.

If the later, We could easily add some modification to the awk script
to ONLY pull the XML for your language (for a smaller profile).

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