[asterisk-dev] Voicemail Call Transfer

Chris Tooley chris at tooley.com
Mon Jul 7 09:19:43 CDT 2008

This seems like it might be possible with an application map instead
of a new patch.

On Mon, Jul 7, 2008 at 9:11 AM, Richard Laager <rlaager at wiktel.com> wrote:
> I work for a local telephone company. We're paying a company for some
> changes to be made to the Asterisk voicemail application. Most of the
> changes are to the call tree so it behaves like our old system (so we
> don't annoy our customers who have built up extensive muscle memory).
> However, one feature seems like it may be useful to others and I'm
> wondering if there's interest in accepting a patch upstream. The feature
> is to allow users to press a key during the greeting to get forwarded
> somewhere else. For example, I might say in my greeting, "This is
> Richard Laager. I'm not here. To try my cell phone, press 1. Otherwise,
> leave me a message." If the caller presses 1, the system places a call
> to my cell phone and ties it to the caller. This gives the impression
> the call was forwarded. (Our understanding is it can't actually be
> forwarded because there's no way to send a "flash" through a channel
> bank.)
> The key mappings are currently obtained via ODBC.
> Does this seem like a feature that you'd like upstream? If so, from the
> above description, are there any caveats we might want to address
> preemptively before we submit a patch?
> Right now, I'm asking about the feature in concept, not the particulars
> of the patch, because we're going to have to expend effort (= $$$) to
> separate these changes out from our other changes, so I'd rather only do
> that if people are interested.
> Richard
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