[asterisk-dev] I finally did it! * IMPORTANT NEWS ON CHAN_SIP IN TRUNK

Johansson Olle E oej at edvina.net
Sat Jul 5 16:12:13 CDT 2008


After years of preparation the sip_user is gone from chan_sip. We now  
only have one type of
device in-memory data structure in trunk.

It should work as before, so that a type=user only matches on incoming  
calls on the from: username
(or digest auth user) and the peer only matches incoming calls on IP.  
The difference is that we only
have one object in memory.

In the future we can discuss changing and adding object types, but for  
now, let's test this dramatic
code change and see how it works out. All tests are welcome.

This patch was *not* merged in the 1.6.0 code base, since it needs  
much more testing.

This work really started before the 1.2 release when I added a lot of  
configuration options
from the sip_user to the sip_peer. Some tings take time...

The target is to get to the vision on device types in codename  
See http://www.codename-pineapple.org for that vision. :-)

Good testing!


...who just deleted one branch and added a new one...

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