[asterisk-dev] Another dial-option, catching hangup of caller party

Johan Wilfer johan at wilfer.se
Thu Jan 31 22:28:56 CST 2008

I don't know what to call this feature, but after playing around with 
res_features and application maps I come to think about this...
When dialing someone with Dial() the call can survive the called party 
hanging up - using the g-flag.
Sometimes it's useful to do the opposite, but I'm not sure how or where 
to implement this.

I can think of having a X()-option similar to G() that transfer the 
called party to this extension after the caller hangs up.
One other method is to have a special extension taking care of this, 
like h, s and so on.

I think I like the first method best.

I could use this together with application maps and the bridge app to 
eliminate my meetme rooms for this purpose. However I must be
able to intercept either one hanging up to give feedback to the other.

Ideas? If you could give me some pointers where to look for implementing 
this I would be happy,
as I don't know my way in the source nearly as good as you guys do...


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