[asterisk-dev] asterisk optimalizations

marek cervenka cervajs at fpf.slu.cz
Thu Jan 24 03:12:59 CST 2008


i'm testing asterisk 1.6/1.4/1.2 in the following scenario
centos5/cpu quad xeon E5335 2.0Ghz
- test clients behind nat
- 1500+ testing instances - reregister option from 1min to 1hour
- qualify set to 5000

top shows over 100% cpu. cpu cores sometimes go to 95%
with htop i see ~16threads but only one child have ~95% cpu
(how i can get info about that thread? what he is doing?)

what is major bottleneck? qualify imho not. i'm tried set qualify=no, 
this does not help

this problem persist if no calls are active
after restart cpu usage slowly increase. after a ~hour is about 100%

which optimalizations do you recommend for ~1500 peers scenario? (behind
nat, reregistrations)
how i can debug which thread/operations are most cpu intesive? strace? 
gdb? can you show some examples?


Marek Cervenka

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