[asterisk-dev] my Asterisk is missing time...

Tzafrir Cohen tzafrir.cohen at xorcom.com
Wed Jan 23 20:07:20 CST 2008

On Wed, Jan 23, 2008 at 11:46:16AM -0600, Steven S. Critchfield wrote:
> ----- "Wolfgang Pichler" <wpichler at yosd.at> wrote:
> > ntp is really running on that machine - i now did turned it off. I
> > will let it run now forthe night - and then take a look if the machine
> > has lost some time.
> > 
> > An other thing i forgot to mention - i am runnuing asterisk not as
> > root - should i runn asterisk as root - and nice -10 for example ?
> Running as root should let you get set 'realtime' priority, 

Executing Asterisk as root. You can still ask Asterisk to run as a user
(-U, or the equivalent setting in asterisk.conf).

> and lessen 
> the hurt that other processes could deal to asterisk. But on a quad 
> 3ghz machine, as long as you tuned the OS and the extra apps on it, there 
> shouldn't be any resources starving asterisk.

It depends what else that machine does. If it does something else which
is potentially CPU-bound and well-distributed (mysql?), you may still
get spikes, occasionally.

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