[asterisk-dev] Release Candidates and Nightly Builds

Russell Bryant russell at digium.com
Sat Jan 19 13:47:46 CST 2008

Daniel Hazelbaker wrote:
> I realize occasionally stuff gets changed that causes an API  
> incompatibility, but all other things being generally equal; will #1  
> cause a problem with the Addons such that I would have to rebuild them  
> as well, and same for #2 (would I have to rebuild both Asterisk and  
> Addons)?
> In the past I have always just rebuilt both, but I don't want to make  
> an assumption by a single quick test that just happens to work. If  
> they are, generally, independent of the specific build that would make  
> it much easier for people to run nightlies as well as for people to  
> make binary versions for others to download.

In the general case for Asterisk 1.4, I would expect that nightly builds that
are reasonably close to each other in age would work fine.  However, this is not
always the case, especially with Zaptel.  Just as we tell everyone to run the
latest release of everything together, I would say that you should run the
latest nightly builds of everything together.

(When it comes to Zaptel, Addons, And Libpri, there probably wouldn't be a
nightly build, as they don't change as often as Asterisk.  However, we could
have a check in the nightly cron job to see if there have been changes, and
build it if so.)

Russell Bryant
Senior Software Engineer
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