[asterisk-dev] Should SVN be giving good trunk by now?

igi-go igi-go at ya.ru
Thu Jan 17 02:28:43 CST 2008


17.01.08, 10:49, Brian Capouch:

> I get a different revision each time, oddly each time I run it I get a 

> higher version than before (so far) but on run #6 I'm only up to 92035.

> I may have misunderstood that it should be fixed right now, it may still 

> be broken, or I may be an idiot in terms of my use of the command.

> Hope someone can clue me in.

I think it is still not in sync with main SVN and svnsync in progress now. Wait some time until revision number stops increasing (I think no more then 2 hours left).

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