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Atis Lezdins atis at iq-labs.net
Wed Jan 16 08:56:43 CST 2008

On 1/16/08, Leif Madsen <leif.madsen at asteriskdocs.org> wrote:
> >
> > I agree for real devices. However i wonder - why i can't change state
> > for Local channels.
> >
> >
> Funny enough, I had this same issue today within Queue(). I'm using
> queue_member in extconfig.conf (realtime members) which delivers calls
> to a Local channel which then finds the physical location in the cluster
> and delivers the call there. The problem I was having was that when the
> Local channel would be ringing a device, the device status was set to
> (Unknown), which would cause that same device to be called multiple
> times when there were multiple people waiting in the Queue().
> Once the call was answered the status changed to In Use, and then
> everything worked as expected. I had a patch made that caused Queue() to
> not deliver calls to members with a status of Unknown -or- In Use, and
> that solved my problem for now, but not entirely sure what issues I'll
> run into in the future because of it :)

This probably starts getting -user'ish..

I'm working on this for last month already - how do you get Local
channel to get state INUSE? All i got - that it's in state RINGING
when it executes Dial(). Otherwise - NOT_INUSE.

I even added status field to realtime members, and i'm updating it
trough func_realtime from dialplan - that's the only way how i could
track the status of dynamic realtime members.



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