[asterisk-dev] Unstable releases lately

Benny Amorsen benny+usenet at amorsen.dk
Tue Jan 15 13:42:21 CST 2008

Tzafrir Cohen <tzafrir.cohen at xorcom.com> writes:

> Could you please write to me robust instructions for building a Asterisk 
> from a tarball? Don't forget the download and extraction part. And don't
> forget the part about the pre-requirements. So in addition to the build
> requirements of gcc, ncurses and openssl, you also have an extra package
> called "subversion". The names sounds bad indeed, but "ncurses" isn't
> exactly politically-correct either.

You may consider it the same, but it really isn't. The fact is that
version control systems will turn some people away.

Version control systems turn people away for several reasons. Some
don't like the uncertainty -- at least a nightly snapshot with a
particular date doesn't change the next time you fetch it. (Yes you
can get around that with version control systems, but again, some
people aren't going to learn how.) Some people like to turn tarballs
into packages in their favourite package system -- not impossible with
version control, but again more difficult.

You can say that the people turned off by version control aren't worth
bothering with. You can say that it's all psychology and they should
just get with the program. What you can't say is that none (or
extremely few) are turned away.


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