[asterisk-dev] Unstable releases lately

Vinicius Fontes vinicius at canall.com.br
Mon Jan 14 04:52:24 CST 2008

Altought I don't like your tone, I second that. I also had some nasty  
issues on versions 1.4.14 to 1.4.17, specially

The main problem is the incredible number of deadlocks it causes. My  
clients often called more than once a day to complain that the PBX  
wasn't making and receiving calls anymore.

My solution to all problems was to downgrade to 1.4.13, and it is rock- 
solid so far.

Vinícius Fontes
Canall Tecnologia em Comunicações

Em 12/01/2008, às 13:54, Kevin P. Fleming escreveu:

> Bob wrote:
>> There are a ton of changes between the 1.4 trunk and 1.4.17  
>> releases. I'm
>> left wondering what process happens when 1.4 trunk (branch  
>> actually) becomes
>> 1.4.18. Obviously it doesn't spend an hour in testing. Is there a  
>> 1.4.18
>> release candidate? Am I correct in assuming that Mr. Fleming just  
>> pushes the
>> 1.4 branch into a tag on his own and moves on?
> I have not made an Asterisk 1.4 release in quite some time... 12  
> months
> ago to be exact (1.4.0). In addition to this message being off-topic  
> for
> this list, you should really have a factual basis for your comments if
> you wish them to taken seriously and not as just trolling.
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