[asterisk-dev] janitor job: ast_exists_extension() and direct setting of chan->priority to ast_goto_if_exists()

Caio Begotti caio at ueberalles.net
Sun Jan 13 07:44:15 CST 2008

Looking at Asterisk's janitor tasks list it reads: find all places  
that use ast_exists_extension() and direct setting of chan->priority  
and change them to ast_goto_if_exists(). I wrote some patches for it  
but now I'm realizing they might be wrong after checking this out:


Seems the changes I did are evil (thanks for taking a look at them  
mvanbaak!) but just wanted to make sure this janitor task is  
understandable by me. What kind of direct setting of chan->priority  
is the janitor task talking about?

Changes in r6533 has

if (ast_exists_extension(chan, chan->context, chan->exten, chan- 
 >priority + 101, chan->cid.cid_num))

but, would it apply to it as well?

if (ast_exists_extension(chan, chan->context, "fax", 1, chan- 
         [...]                                       ^^^


Caio Begotti <http://caio.ueberalles.net>

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