[asterisk-dev] Unstable releases lately

Bob bob_co at cox.net
Sat Jan 12 13:55:17 CST 2008

This fails to answer what the release process is.

I'm actually offering some test facilities here if I knew what to test.

I was under the impression that kpfleming made all of the svn additions to
the release tags at svn.digium. It only makes sense that there would be a
central location for this resource. I was not implying that it was his
decision. I was implying that he has a big red button on his desk that says
release that he pushes when certain factors were present.

I actually do have a factual basis and that is simply a very noticeable
increase in my customer support tickets. Digium's paid support must be
booming. My free support is. My current advice is to roll back to 1.4.13 and
see if that fixes your problems. The topics that lead off the list are the
PRI deadlocks and the SIP bugs that are labeled DTMF in mantis. Sorry if I
cannot divulge my support numbers, but all that one needs to do is to check
out many of the asterisk support forums to confirm this.

I'm neither a contributor nor a seller of asterisk. I provide support to my
customers as a common courtesy. I support Linux and BSD as well by

How does the tag become a branch? Who approves it? I cannot test the 1.4
branch every day. I have 3 or 4 people on hand that can test release
candidates. Where are they?

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Bob wrote:

> There are a ton of changes between the 1.4 trunk and 1.4.17 releases. I'm
> left wondering what process happens when 1.4 trunk (branch actually)
> 1.4.18. Obviously it doesn't spend an hour in testing. Is there a 1.4.18
> release candidate? Am I correct in assuming that Mr. Fleming just pushes
> 1.4 branch into a tag on his own and moves on?

I have not made an Asterisk 1.4 release in quite some time... 12 months
ago to be exact (1.4.0). In addition to this message being off-topic for
this list, you should really have a factual basis for your comments if
you wish them to taken seriously and not as just trolling.

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