[asterisk-dev] Unstable releases lately

Bob bob_co at cox.net
Fri Jan 11 22:22:20 CST 2008

I hate to be the one to suggest there is a problem here without an answer,
but I haven't seen any complaints here in a while about this.
Release 1.4.11 is the most stable release that there has been in a while. My
testing and various mailing lists / forums show that is has gone downhill
from there. I would like to point some fingers here and make some
suggestions; however, I have no basis or ideas of my own.

The only conclusion is that the testing process has not kept pace with

I need to ask the question here about how the release happens. We talked
about this to no end last year, and somehow I have people all over the globe
trying to un-yum their asterisk, and roll it back.

There are a ton of changes between the 1.4 trunk and 1.4.17 releases. I'm
left wondering what process happens when 1.4 trunk (branch actually) becomes
1.4.18. Obviously it doesn't spend an hour in testing. Is there a 1.4.18
release candidate? Am I correct in assuming that Mr. Fleming just pushes the
1.4 branch into a tag on his own and moves on?

Who gives the OK to release?

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