[asterisk-dev] Simulation of radios with something like MeetMe()

Steven S. Critchfield critch at basesys.com
Thu Jan 10 09:50:12 CST 2008

----- "Holger Wirtz" <wirtz at dfn.de> wrote:
> Hi,
> I hope this is not too much OT. I am currently working on a
> simualtion
> of radio equipment for the open sorce flightsimualtor FlightGear. It
> works with Asterisk and the client is based on iaxclient (see
> http://wiki.flightgear.org/flightgear_wiki/index.php?title=FGCOM)
> Actually it works but there are some problems. For more realistic
> radios
> there should be an application like app_meetme with more features:
> For the outgoing audio stream to each client there has to be a mixup
> of
> the stream based on the distance between the partners. I know that
> this
> would use more cpu cycles than the normal conference.
> But the real problem is:
> how do I get the coords of the plane from the client to the Asterisk
> application? My idea was to send them once or twice a minute with a
> SendText() on the channel.
> Now my questions:
> - Can this be realized with an advanced app_meetme?
> - Is it possible to work with text informations in an application
> like
>   app_meetme?

New thought that came to mind. Again, I don't know enough of the code
behind what I am suggesting, but hopefully this will help.

The Idea I had was that if you had a single meetme for each of the 'radios'
you have in the game. Have an application watching your coords and joining
a one way application between the various meetmes. These applications are
what does the filtering you need to implement the simulation.

For instance, you have your ATCs out there at fixed coords. As you travel,
and send you coods up to the asterisk server, it will connect to the ATC
meetme rooms. This will let you have access to those ATCs and the linking
application will handle lowering of the quality with increasing distance.

With some more intercommunications, you can mute some channels when stronger
other channels are there. 

With this idea, you have a little programming to do, but you will probably
want to check out the branch that allows you to use the jack media libraries.
Steven Critchfield critch at basesys.com

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