[asterisk-dev] AST_FRAME_DIGITAL/3G video calls

Klaus Darilion klaus.mailinglists at pernau.at
Thu Sep 13 17:14:08 CDT 2007

Olle E Johansson wrote:
> A big issue with 3G video calls in Asterisk is the licensing
> of the audio part of the call, which is using the AMR codec
> that's not free. Regardless, handling this in third-party
> applications that break the asterisk architecture is not a
> way I would recommend moving forward. I'd rather see

It depends on the use case, e.g. for AMR pass through you do not have to 
pay AMR license fee (just like G.729). Also, for example if you record a 
video/audio stream from a 3G mobile using mp4_save or play back a 
previously recorded video using mp4_play (with an AMR audio track) you 
do not need a license. This all can be done without an AMR codec - thuse 
no need to pay for an AMR license.

But if you use an AMR codec - for example bridging between an 3G video 
call (AMR) and a SIP call (G711) requires transcoding - then you need 
AMR licenses.

> Digium handling the AMR license issue, which I proposed
> to them many times without any answers. Please help
> me in mailing Digium marketing and sales about this.

Yeah  - this would be great. Are there any official statements regarding 
AMR licenses from Digium (like they did with G.729)? For a single person 
it is impossibly to pay the setup fees and minimum fees for AMR licenses 
thus having an aggregation for the community is needed.

btw: does somebody have tested Nokia E60+AMR with Asterisk and AMR codec 


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