[asterisk-dev] dialplan redesign - don't forget characters (New topic)

Benny Amorsen benny+usenet at amorsen.dk
Fri Nov 23 14:37:31 CST 2007

>>>>> "OEJ" == Olle E Johansson <olle at voop.com> writes:

OEJ> The Zaptel Caller ID names are similar to Ascii...

If Zaptel only accepts ASCII, you'll just have to fold everything to
that. Not much fun.

OEJ> Since we're a multiprotocol PBX we need to be able to convert
OEJ> from a to the various protocol formats.

OEJ> The Alphanumeric extensions aren't a topic for conversion
OEJ> though. We can't convert them, since a converted string is
OEJ> not the same extension and might collide with an existing
OEJ> extension.

Alphanumeric extensions are ASCII today. ASCII and UTF-8 have the same
representation (for the values that exist in ASCII, of course), so no
conversion is needed.

OEJ> Now, if we have UTF8 extensions - what about CDR and log
OEJ> files? Does all the databases we support in realtime and CDR
OEJ> handle utf8? Radius?

Of course they do. This is 2007. CDR and log files are again trivial,
they're already UTF-8. In most cases only the ASCII subset is used,
but I believe UTF-8 CallerID's get logged correctly.


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