[asterisk-dev] dialplan redesign - don't forget characters (New topic)

Olle E Johansson olle at voop.com
Wed Nov 21 04:09:35 CST 2007

21 nov 2007 kl. 10.01 skrev Luigi Rizzo:

> On Wed, Nov 21, 2007 at 09:28:55AM +0100, Olle E Johansson wrote:
>>> Really, this is not an area where you can afford playing and putting
>>> in
>>> small patches to see how they fix one or the other problem.
>>> The correctness of extension matching is something that people
>>> really must rely on, because in the end it is directly involved
>>> with security, billing and so on.
>> One thing that has to be considered as well if we redesign is
>> alphanumeric
> There is nothing preventing alphanumeric extensions at least in the
> old matching algorithm - the only annoyance is the need to 'escape'
> some characters ( _ N Z X / come to mind ) as [N] [Z] etc.  to
> override their special meaning on asterisk patterns.
Well, you can't properly match Östertälje at myasterisk.com today.
Or give ranges like [A-Ö]xp[0-3]

> But then, this is trivial to overcome by providing an alternative
> syntax for extensions (and supporting both in parallel is easy)
> and besides all regexp implementations have their own special  
> characters.
That was our proposal. Let's find a URL so you can check it.

May 2005 :-)

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