[asterisk-dev] [asterisk-commits] rizzo: trunk r89452 - in?/trunk: acinclude.m4 configure configure.ac

Simon Perreault simon.perreault at viagenie.ca
Tue Nov 20 14:53:55 CST 2007

On Tuesday 20 November 2007 14:24:03 Russell Bryant wrote:
> My opinion is that I am willing to take on this extra small burden so that
> we can make Asterisk just a little bit easier to compile and install on the
> various platforms that people use.

I just thought of a solution:

Is there a way for me to configure my working copy so that svn basically 
ignores configure? I don't want to commit my changes to it, and I don't want 
to fetch changes from the repository.

That would make me happy.

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