[asterisk-dev] [asterisk-commits] rizzo: trunk r89452 - in?/trunk: acinclude.m4 configure configure.ac

Luigi Rizzo rizzo at icir.org
Tue Nov 20 12:55:45 CST 2007

On Tue, Nov 20, 2007 at 01:28:34PM -0500, Simon Perreault wrote:
> On Tuesday 20 November 2007 13:20:49 Luigi Rizzo wrote:
> > it is actually a big burden. there are 145 different version of each of the
> > tools, some of which are incompatible with each other,
> > and not all build on all platforms.
> This statement sounds awfully like FUD.
> What's wrong with autoconf >= 2.60? That's the official guideline, hardcoded 
> into configure.ac. Pretty much any distribution nowadays comes with it.

"pretty much" != "every". As a matter of fact one of my main boxes
has freebsd.4.11 and autoconf is stuck at 2.59 and there are reasons
why i need to run asterisk there and i cannot upgrade certain pieces
of software or hardware. BTW building and running software on a
variety of platforms helps a lot finding bugs and bogus assumptions
in the code.

But irrespective of my or your needs, autotools are for portability,
and it would be a total waste of time to use them and support only
platform X. As it is a waste of time this discussion.


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